About Us


Registration number 2014/206721/07

New Era Risk Management Facilitation, (“NERMF”), provide a wide variety of professional Forensic-, Investigative-, Due-diligence, Risk-, Security solutions and services, by collaborating with leading service providers in different markets and levels. NERMF brings together state of the art products and services to facilitate and render the best possible options and solutions to its clients. NERMF have the capacity to create new methods or products where needed, to assist in identifying and solving areas of risk.


Chris Grobler, founder member of NERMF, is mainly experienced in the Security industry, focusing on preventative risk strategies, forensic and general investigations, hotline and whistle-blower management, all aspects of security services, RFID, asset tracking and tracing solutions, microdot technology, finger print identification and background checks, to name a few.


NERMF strive to be a 1% plus team player, focusing to introduce paramount management and technology facilities to their clients and to equip them with appropriate tools, knowledge and other remedial corrective actions. NERMF can do this by generating relevant, timely and actionable intelligence, assessing and managing risk, maximizing opportunities, and finding solutions based on informed and educated decisions.


NERMF’s sole purpose is to deliver a superior service to the individual and business alike, with efficiency and cost effectiveness. We can do this by providing trained personnel that is equipped with appropriate knowledge and who are committed to the comfort, convenience and safety of our clients. We shall consistently deliver the most scrupulously, courteous, safe and economical experience. Not only do we solve problems, but are a strong believer in internal training in educating client personnel in doing the right thing thereby empowering the employees and client’s interests.


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