Prevention of Asset Theft


                                                                                                                         Prevention of Asset Theft

The goal of the owner or the manager of an asset is to determine the most cost effective and efficient way to manage and safeguard any movable or fixed assets. A range of Asset Management Systems (hardware and software) is available on the market. Most of them “solution” based, and many of these not tested in different environments.

Asset Management Systems normally comprise of a Computer Program, Tags (Labels, barcodes, RFID….) and Tag-readers (Handheld, Desktop, Base Stations…) to enable the user to follow the “path” of an asset for recordkeeping purposes.

General Fleet management and tracking solutions via GPS is one of the most common systems available. Implementation of such systems however could be a minefield. We strongly recommend that a thorough “Due Diligence” of two and more systems be done before a decision is made on a particular system. We believe that our Fleet Management System is one of the most sophisticated, trustworthy and client-focused systems available in the market… so it’s well worth checking it out!

Our main Asset Management Aims are the prevention of theft, unauthorized or malicious usage of assets and fraud. Early detection is to know, in real time, when a fence is breached, when a premises, room or safe is entered, when assets are moved, when equipment is utilised without authorization and to be able to act on reliable information before a situation get out of hand. In circumstances where any of the aforementioned actions do happen and the asset involved are tagged, there is a very high probability that the asset will be recovered. Recovery of such, obviously relies on the prompt action of the asset manager/ owner/ security personnel.

Almost any asset or area where assets are kept can be monitored, tracked and traced. From livestock to a portrait or an event like a safe door being opened or stock being removed from a truck or just somebody in a restricted area.

We believe that we have a solution to minimize crime and to manage almost any type of asset or area. This is made possible with wireless, long-range, specialized RFID “tags and technology” reaching up to 70 km and with a lifespan of up to 7 years. The tags can detect movement, temperature, speed, angles, fluid flow and voltage to name but a few.

We’d like you to grant us the opportunity to inform you of different possibilities to safeguard your assets. The aim is to introduce you to basic and general concepts of new technology available on asset security and management. This includes new approaches to electronic and micro asset protection as well as additional DIY or third party monitoring services.