Background & Due Dilligence Checks

Due Diligence / Background Checks /  Fingerprinting / Screening of Employees


Background and Due Diligence

The foundation of a due diligence* investigation is to prevent any type of bad will, sabotage, insider trading to name a only few possibilities, against  you or your business entity. A Due Diligence investigation provides our customer with a complete history of a subject’s background, whether it is an individual or business. Information in different areas such as assets, financial data, criminal record, civil lawsuits and involvement in other entities are gathered, reviewed an analyzed.

With the high fraud, theft and Identity theft levels, it is absolutely a necessity that all employees and consultants must be screened. It is recommended that a full criminal check be done by a full set of fingerprint scans, thereby ensuring that the person applying for a position is the actual person.

NERMF is a registered intelligence service provider. By collaborating with and utilising a wide spectrum of services from other leading data providers we can enable and support you to conduct thorough vetting and due diligence checks and investigations on your employees, consultants and vendors.

NERMF conduct background checks for criminal activity, prior addresses, education and job verification, depending on the clients needs. NERMF has a several equipped, qualified and trained agents in the field to capture fingerprints. This service can almost be rendered anywhere within SA and abroad depending on the circumstances.

Depending on our clients request we do not only do system checks as required by most HR-departments but also do actual in the field investigations and follow-up where needed.

NERMF offer the following verifications:-

• Criminal checks
• Fingerprint verification – On- and Off-site scanning – We go where you need us.
• ID verifications and validation
• Fraud listing
• Credit Checks
• Employment History
• Citizenship
• Permanent Residency
• Drivers License check
• Marital
• Alive / Deceased
• Professional Drivers permit
• Matric Qualification Verification
• Tertiary Qualification Verification
• African Qualification Verification
• Global Qualification Verification
• FAIS check
• Consumer Goods Council
• Business Background check
• Bank Verification Check
• Property searches
• Company searches
• Combined profile searches

Due- Diligence market specific verifications:

• General
• Healthcare
• Industrial
• Manufacturing
• Mining and Resources
• Technology Industry
• Commercial and Real Estate
• Consumer Goods

NERMF also have a “track-team” who can track, trace and apprehend / “bring back” a hunted/wanted person, depending on the situation and circumstances. It must be stated that NERMF does not work on percentages – We charge on time, information, technology, travel and accommodation… We are not Debt Collectors.


  1. Initial due diligence – this is the very first step in evaluating what risk is involved in doing business with an entity prior or to establishing a relationship and assesses risk at that point in time.
  2. Ongoing due diligence – this is the process of periodically evaluating each relationship for illicit activities linked to corruption or other criminal activities. This process will be performed indefinitely as long as a relationship exists, and also involves comparing the companies and executives to a database of local and foreign officials. This process should be performed on all relationships regardless of location and is often part of a wider Integrity Management initiative.