Advisory Services

Fraud Prevention / Security Advising & Surveys / Tracing & Tracking / “RecoverI”

The identification of different risks depending on the type of business, situation, people, premises, area, systems, ext. are all factors that must be taken into consideration with the prevention of what ever form of theft, fraud or other crime that may be committed for personal gain or other reasons. Let our experience work for you in identifying possible or actual risks, working together on prevention, identification and detection strategies and systems.

It is far easier to be pro-active and ready than to be re-active.

We believe that we can, together, protect your business and family better, by being proactive and informed!

NERMF is making use of the ultimate in dependable Tracking and Tracing technology. This technology range includes services from personal security to complete company asset and Vehicle management and is accredited under approval code SAIAS-VTR 001.

NERMF’s employees also act as agents for “RecoverI”. We render RecoverI-services at our Verification Center but also have two mobile units to render the necessary services at your business or home. Recoveri Microdot system complies with the SABS South African National Standards document [SANS534:12008]