Contractors – Background




New Era Risk Management Facilitators, (“NERMF”), are able to provide a wide variety of professional Forensic-, Investigative-, Due-diligence, Risk-, Security solutions and other services, by collaborating with leading service providers and professionals in different markets and levels.

Being able to utilise services from not only our own employees but also external professionals, NERMF brings together state of the art products and services to facilitate and render the best possible options and solutions to its clients. NERMF have the capacity to create new methods or products where needed, to assist in identifying and solving areas of risk.

By utilizing NERMF’s services and expertise, “smaller” firms also now have a more competitive edge in making use of Professional’s services in the corporate market.

Both contractors and service providers are welcome to approach NERMF with their unique products and/or services to become a part of the team and to be placed on NERMF’s database. NERMF is not an “Employee Service” of “Job Broker” but do make use of persons / service providers listed on our database. NERMF cannot guarantee employment or contract work to any person or entity.

NERMF believe that the person willing to do the work must be compensated for his services and therefor established a compensation formula whereby the employee enjoy the rewards of his work and not the other round as is happening in many cases.

On the other hand, contractors / businesses / entrepreneurs who do have contract work available know that they can utilise NERMF’s workforce with the understanding that the employees are compensated for their work and that the “middleman” / “agent” are not getting wealthy on others productiveness.

NERMF also make use and market Department of Labour’s employment services, a business unit within the Department who specializes in registering vacancies at employers and placing job-seekers into opportunities that are available from various companies across different sectors. This services are offered free of charge to all employers and employees and the database is inclusive of people who have extensive experience and skills from their previous employment. Website –