Tracking and Tracing

We are able to offer our clients a comprehensive reaction service via our Control Room which is in constant communication with the security officers ensuring maximum response.

It should always be the asset owner’s or asset manager’s goal to determine the most cost effective and efficient way to manage and safeguard all movable and fixed assets. This highly practical and interactive presentation will introduce basic and general concepts of new technology available on asset security and management. New approaches to electronic and micro asset protection as well as additional D.I.Y. or third party monitoring services are profoundly offering a catalogue of new possibilities for asset identification, protection, tracking and tracing.

We strive to introduce the paramount security, guarding and investigative technology services to their clients, to enable them to make informed and educated decisions on their way forward and want to make use of this opportunity to present products of one of our Leading Service Providers,   “Early Warning Cop” or better known as EWCop.

EWCop’s motto is: “give your client the best support 24/7/365 and best technology, and benefit from a very long term relationship”.

EWCop is a proudly South African company which was founded by South African engineers to address the market in as far as early warning systems, asset management, tracking and recovery and vehicle tracking is concerned. These engineers were leaders in the field of developing military weapons systems and cell phone technology. The company is constantly developing new solutions and already has, amongst others, the only really LONG RANGE radio frequency identification tags (RFID) available in the market.

EWCop’s radio frequency product range was developed in South-Africa for Africa. The main purpose of this long range radio frequency identification devices are to manage, safeguard, pre-warn, alert, track, trace and control assets and areas with or without permanent power. Tsedo make use of the system ourselves for investigative purposes, as well as to prevent and combat crime in general.

Equipment which was tested achieved land based (line of sight) distances of 30 kilometer and distances of up to 60 kilometer from the air. The equipment is ideally suited to monitor, track and recover any valuable asset because the equipment is relatively small and has its own source of energy. The RFID equipment can be detected anywhere by using hand held readers, base stations and readers on vehicles and aircraft depending on how well the user wants to be equipped. Depending on the level, tags can be picked up underground as well as under water. Tags have a long battery life of up to 5 years (Optional 15 years) and do communicate with the Base Station (Client) regarding battery lifespan. Our technology can also be used to monitor movement, temperature, power failures and fluid levels which give it an even greater field of applications.

Some of the products within this range of products include the following:

  • CableCop for the cables and other valuable assets like computers, firearms, laptops, portable tools, solar panels etc. The CableCop protect overhead, underground  as well as copper/gold fitted cables by automatically alarms and pre-warn on movement.
  •  Animalcop for monitoring wild and domestic animals, including Rhinos.
  •  Fencecop give warnings of unauthorized entry / exit, movement alerts and tampering, used on a variety of fences used on Estate-, Industrial-, Mine- and other property fences.
  • GuardCop for guard monitoring
  • FuelCop against Fuel theft.
  • BeamCop for site monitoring of movement, illegal activities and unauthorized access.
  • Cellcop for site monitoring of illegal activities and unauthorized access. It can also be applied to monitor unauthorised cell phone signals (which almost all criminals carry) and movement of personnel and security guards.
  •  Ewcop can also monitor temperature at the freezing and cooling departments, refrigeration trucks, with early warning of high and low temperatures, via sms and web applications.
  • Tracer – Full fleet management with a difference. Let your vehicle alert and tell you all. Over and above the standard features of vehicle / fleet monitoring systems, by making use of integrated equipment we enable you to open locks in pre-defined areas or by the push of a button from your control room, be alerted of fuel theft, temperature measurement alerts, tampering , trailers and goods could be paired to the vehicle to alert you of unauthorized activities to name only a few uses. If you have a specific problem…..please speak to us.
  •  Building, Estate, Hotel, Flat and Complex electrical management via RFID.
  • Enclosed Areas and Warehouses – Although it is almost general knowledge that signals are blocked by heavy construction and steel, EWCop does have the equipment and knowledge to monitor and safeguard your assets within most of these areas.
  •  Special Task Force – With the help and training from EWCop, Tsedo acquired a complete “toolbox” of equipment to assist their clients with short term “problems” and investigations, depending on availability.
  •  Other Products – BikeCop, GateCop, DomCop, GeneratorCop, Sement Drum and Steel Bin Sensors, Cargo Doors, Theft Stoppers, etc.

The EWCop Report Management System is fully web based and in-time and reports could be requested online or are delivered via e-mail. Daily reports are available to suit the client’s needs. In-time alerts on any misuse or activity could also be received via sms. The web based system can be accessed from anywhere, anytime with any appliance that can access the World Wide Web.

Almost any high risk or valuable asset can be fitted (tagged) i.e. cables, portable tools, batteries, laptops, firearms, *“Mother Board/Electronic Cards”, base stations, solar panels, animals vehicles to name only a few.   . Any item fitted with CableCop or Domcop will accurately guide recovery teams to an asset. The tags are not influenced by jammers and cannot be found in similar ways as to GPRS locators. EWCop are already approved by several insurance companies like Santam,Mi-way, Outsurance, Telesure, King Price etc.

EWCop already cover most of the Commercial and Industrial business sectors under which Wholesale and Retail, Mining, Farming, Transport, Airports, Municipalities, as well as a host of leading Security Companies utilising EWCop’s products to safeguard their assets and vehicle fleets within South Africa as well as some neighboring countries.

The beauty of the EWcop system is that you can manage the system all by yourselves and you do not need a third party. We believe the EWCop system will equip you to find, manage, and use in time information more effectively to prevent and detect theft and tampering of assets. This is according to us a “must have” tool and techniques to fight illicit activities and developing an effective internal control to manage theft as well as other unwanted activities.

Tsedo work hand in hand with EWCop and do offer third party Monitoring, Tracking and Tracing services to EWCop clients. It can also be mentioned that Tsedo is an authorized Microdot Operator with mobile fitment centers to enable their clients to fit microdots on almost any asset to proof ownership.

Please don’t hesitate to request further information on the specifics of services we render, or contact Johan Grobler (Grobbies) on 083 267 4775 to arrange a meeting or you may contact EWCop directly.