There are currently several “Hotline” or “Tip-Off” services available on the market in accordance to the Protected Disclosures Act 26 of 2000 (hereafter called the “Act”).

NERMF recommends, as prescribed by the Act, that all of business get involved in some sort of facility where employees and customers may disclose information regarding unlawful or irregular conduct associated to the client in a confidential manner.

NERMF in collaboration with other role players offers a similar service, “NERMF Truth Line”, hereafter “Truthline”  in accordance to the Act, to “create a culture that facilitates the disclosure of information by employees about criminal or other irregular conduct in the workplace responsibly; and to promote the eradication of criminal and other irregular conduct in organs of state and private bodies.”

It cannot be stressed enough that any case needs a “strong foundation” upon which the rest of the investigation can be built on. Obtaining the first information and or evidence, and to present it with all the relevant facts, is crucial. Many “wrongly- reported” cases are already “lost” even before the actual investigation start. There are many instances where an investigation is started with wrong information, which feels right at the moment, but that lead nowhere.  It must be pointed out that the time lapsed, the first steps of an investigation and the weight of facts are the crucial factors, on which the success of any case depends.

NERMF’s Truthline service entitle registered users to make use of NERMFS’s Investigative Services and Expertise to firstly establish whether there are a possible case, as well as what type of case(s) we are looking at. The Truthline service entails that we first assess the information available, calculate what is needed and what more information we need to obtain. We then base our decisions on the facts before us, for the road forward.  Only once a decision is made and if our client does decide to make use of NERMF’s services, the “preliminary” investigation will be at a much lower rate as our normal investigation rates.

NERMF allow up to eight hours for the initial investigation, in many cases enough time to obtain the necessary evidence and statements, depending on the type of case.

Costs (Only cases reported or information received via Truth-line):

Truthline-registered clients.

Businesses with 10 employees or less – Truthline service is free with 4 hours prelim investigation @ R500 p/h, plus expenses.

Businesses with 11 and more employees – Truthline service at a minimal monthly administration fee, with 8 hours prelim investigation @ R500 p/h, plus expenses.

Non-registered clients:

Standard investigation fees @ R650-00 p/h

To register a client must complete NERMF’s “Truthline” contract and mandate, as well as inform its employees and clients of NERMF’s Truthline contact details. Clients must pre-register to make use of this service, otherwise NERMF’s standard rates apply.

Please contact Grobbies at for further information.

Crime Piper

Crime Piper mainly focuses on the Community. Information regarding selling of drugs, buying and selling of stolen goods, general fraud and theft and other criminal behavior may be reported here. Client specific reports must be done on our NERMF Truth-line report. We understand that the decision to come forward with information about illegal activity is …