Information and Bounty Network

Bounty and Recovery Network

What is a Bounty Hunter?

A bounty hunter is an individual who captures “fugitives” for a monetary reward, for apprehending by law, if such laws exist. The South African Law does not recognise Bounty Hunters and there are no laws or powers governing Bounty Hunters. Tracking, tracing or sourcing information should conform to the South African Legal framework, which include the “Whistle Blowing Act”.


One of NERMF’s goals is to make our community safer by fighting crime on all levels.  NERMF strive to combine the intelligence and information within the community and local business to provide education and crime prevention information, solve crimes and assist law enforcement to apprehend wanted persons. Business and private sponsorship helps NERMF to empower the community to strike back at crime. Several different Entities utilise the network from time to time to track, trace or establish information on a voluntarily or bounty basis.  NERMF already developed and utilise a network of Security Personnel, Private Investigators and other Professionals on a “volunteer basis”, across the country in helping to trace, track, report and follow up leads on missing persons, suspects, assets or just to verify addresses.

In some cases there are “bounties” on positive leads to find/recover assets or have persons arrested.  All cases differ and different terms and conditions do apply, depending on the Entity utilising this website. NERMF nor any Entity/Agency by virtue of this website, give any person or official any instructions or powers to help them or their clients, in finding or tracking any person or asset, nor offer any remuneration or cover any costs in any of the cases.

The network is functioning as an “Information Source” and we urge all users not to attempt to apprehend any of these individuals or take possession of any assets. This network abide to the local rules and laws applicable. If you have information on any suspect or asset please call the listed Entity with the relevant information. As already stated, rewards may be available at the discretion of the Entity listed, regarding the information wanted.

In case of bounties the entity requiring the information is responsible and accountable for the bounty and does not work through NERMF, but directly with the “asset” or informant.

In cases where a person want to give information, but also want to stay “anonymous”, they must make use of the NERMF Hotline, quoting the relevant bounty reference. NERMF will forward the relevant information to the client but does not get involved with the payment of any bounty.